Programme Overview

Generally, P.A.M. is a two-year academic programme, but its duration is flexible and dependent upon the specific needs of its students. Currently, P.A.M. provides preparation for CSEC, CCSLC and School Leaving examinations.

If a student comes to the programme from Forms 4 or 5, she would continue her CSEC exams preparation path at P.A.M., which results in a one-year enrollment. If she enters the programme from Forms 1, 2, or 3, she remains at P.A.M. during the pregnancy, returning to her original school three months after giving birth (Ministry of Education’s Policy on Teen Pregnancy). She also has the option of remaining at P.A.M. until the completion of her secondary education. P.A.M. also provides a skills training programme that enables young women to become more marketable for future employment.

In addition to technical and academic training, the students of P.A.M. can share their knowledge and experiences by becoming pen-pals with adolescents within sister programmes in the United States and Jamaica.

Upon a successful completion of P.A.M., the students graduate and receive assistance with arrangement for further education. In addition, they have the opportunity to join an Ex-Student Body, which would provide them with advice, encouragement and emotional support.

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Our vision is to support teenage mothers’ intellectual and emotional needs, to encourage them to have a positive outlook for their future, and develop responsible decision making skills as young parents, thereby aiding them to successfully reach their full potential as healthy, proficient members of society.


To empower teenage mothers and pregnant adolescents by providing counseling and continuing education through an integrated programme of traditional academic subjects, skills, training, health and family life education and parenting and family planning; thus providing a bridge over which they can cross into a promising future.


– To give teenage mothers an opportunity to complete their education.

– To provide adequate experiences for teenage mothers to re-enter society from a non-disadvantaged position.

– To provide an integrated programme for Life Skills Training, Family Life, Health, Family Planning, traditional academic and skills training.

– To reduce the possibility of a second pregnancy before the end of schooling.

– To develop self-sufficiency skills through income generating activities, e.g. through the skills programme.


– Nursery Care

– Morning and midday meals for babies two days a week

– Breakfast and lunch for students

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Meet our Instructors

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Jacqueline Pascal

Interim Manager

Ms.Sonia Prince

Day-Care Assistant

Teresa Isaac

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Renica Cobb

Clothing, Textiles and Fashion

Nina Ackie

Day-care Assistant

La Verne Smith

English A Electronic Document preparation and management

Ms Sherla Charles

Day-Care supervisor

Mrs. Caroline Bernadette-Buckmire


Irianisha Roberts-Gibbs

Irianisha Roberts-Gibbs

Family and Resource Management Food, Nutrition and Health

Priscilla Passee

Priscilla Passee

Office Administration Social Studies